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My name is Rachel, an intern for AIDS Walk Portland. I've created this blog for every walker, donor, sponsor and friend of AIDS Walk Portland. This is your blog.

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September 16, 2008

We're on our way!

AIDS Walk Portland Stats

We've raised 40% more than we had at this time last year and have over 500 more walkers, but we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $380,000!

As of Sept 16, 2008
$76,402 raised
1513 walkers
201 teams

As of Sept 16, 2007
$45,424 raised
957 walkers
138 teams

August 14, 2008

I walk...

This image was put together by CAP's own Joseph Sedillo, Men's Wellness Center Coordinator. Now it's your turn!

Why do you walk? Send responses to dintern@cascadeaids.org

August 12, 2008

Shop for a Cause (OMG)

Age-old problem: should I go on a shopping spree or work to prevent HIV/AIDS today? Sigh. Well, now you can do both.

Just buy a $5 dollar pass from your friends at CAP. The pass earns you an extra 20% off sale and regular items at Macy's on September 20th. So depending on how much you indulge, that little pass could save you a lot of money. Meanwhile CAP receives the profits from the sale of the passes to help us continue the good fight in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and education. Who says that shopping has to be selfish?

Contact Janeen Provo at 503.223.WALK or jprovo@cascadeaids.org to ask for a Shop for a Cause pass. Ask for two or three and sell them to your friends! You've been eyeing those heels/pants/undies for way too long. Get shopping!

August 7, 2008

Walkers' Stories: Walking for a Better World

Here is a story from this year's top fundraiser so far...

This is my first year participating in AIDS Walk Portland. I lost my older sister, who was also my best friend to AIDS in 1995. I really stuffed my grief way down into my toes until this year, when a class I took at PSU that brought it all back to the surface in a big way. In dealing with all the emotions, I realized that I wanted to do something positive to honor and remember my sister, as well as the many others whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS.

So I called upon my parents and friends to form a team and walk with me. I also signed up to be a volunteer at CAP. I've had my orientation and basic training, and recently helped sign people up for AIDS Walk at the Pride Festival. It's been nothing short of an amazing experience so far.

JoAnn Dohn
Team Captain
Portland Alliance For A Better World

JoAnn is not only our top fundraiser, but a first-time walker and team captain. Her team, Portland Alliance For A Better World, has already raised $850, over $600 of which JoAnn has raised herself. Go JoAnn!.

August 1, 2008

Fundraising at the Office

Put a jar or donation sheet in high traffic areas: near the bathrooms, entrances, or the office hottie's desk (you know the one).

Nothing works up an appetite like sitting in a cubicle. Put a plate of brownies near the water cooler or in the kitchen, with a sign that says "EAT FOR AIDS WALK PORTLAND!" and a collection jar.

There's always been tension between the accounting and sales departments. Ever since "that incident" at the company picnic, things have been especially strained. Take advantage of the tension by fostering competition! Make AIDS Walk teams by department and ask the higher ups for incentives. You'll show them who deserves the new swivel chairs.

Double your funds! Ask your boss if your company will match the amount your team raises. While you’re asking, see if your boss will match what you and/or your team raise as well.

Have a boring staff meeting coming up? Take advantage and pass around a jar to collect for AIDS Walk Portland. Make eye contact with your overpaid boss when the jar comes to him or her.

July 28, 2008

Walkers' Stories: The Plunge

Many years ago when this walk was called ”From All Walks of Life”, I was walking along the route with a group of friends and confided to one of them that I was just asked to be married and didn’t know if I should take the plunge, again.

By the end of the walk, my friend had helped me to find the answer to the question. Nineteen and a half years of marriage later, I still believe it was one of the best walks I ever have taken.

Judith Rizzio
Cascade AIDS Project
Volunteer Resources Manager
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