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August 1, 2008

Fundraising at the Office

Put a jar or donation sheet in high traffic areas: near the bathrooms, entrances, or the office hottie's desk (you know the one).

Nothing works up an appetite like sitting in a cubicle. Put a plate of brownies near the water cooler or in the kitchen, with a sign that says "EAT FOR AIDS WALK PORTLAND!" and a collection jar.

There's always been tension between the accounting and sales departments. Ever since "that incident" at the company picnic, things have been especially strained. Take advantage of the tension by fostering competition! Make AIDS Walk teams by department and ask the higher ups for incentives. You'll show them who deserves the new swivel chairs.

Double your funds! Ask your boss if your company will match the amount your team raises. While you’re asking, see if your boss will match what you and/or your team raise as well.

Have a boring staff meeting coming up? Take advantage and pass around a jar to collect for AIDS Walk Portland. Make eye contact with your overpaid boss when the jar comes to him or her.

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