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August 7, 2008

Walkers' Stories: Walking for a Better World

Here is a story from this year's top fundraiser so far...

This is my first year participating in AIDS Walk Portland. I lost my older sister, who was also my best friend to AIDS in 1995. I really stuffed my grief way down into my toes until this year, when a class I took at PSU that brought it all back to the surface in a big way. In dealing with all the emotions, I realized that I wanted to do something positive to honor and remember my sister, as well as the many others whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS.

So I called upon my parents and friends to form a team and walk with me. I also signed up to be a volunteer at CAP. I've had my orientation and basic training, and recently helped sign people up for AIDS Walk at the Pride Festival. It's been nothing short of an amazing experience so far.

JoAnn Dohn
Team Captain
Portland Alliance For A Better World

JoAnn is not only our top fundraiser, but a first-time walker and team captain. Her team, Portland Alliance For A Better World, has already raised $850, over $600 of which JoAnn has raised herself. Go JoAnn!.

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